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TournaKit Pro Integrated Charity Live and Silent Auction Software

Impress your guests and yourself with what you can do and it is so easy!

TournaKit Pro Integrated Auction Item Software

You will be able to produce cover sheets, silent auction bid sheets, invoices and receipts with 'The Look' as if created by a professional graphic designer.

TournaKit Pro Auction Item Cover Sheets

Automated Silent Auction Bid Sheets

Have It Your Way...

With over a 100 silent auction bid sheet template variations. One of the more popular silent auction bid sheet formats requires bidders to use preassigned bid numbers instead of their name and the silent auction bid sheets start with a minimum bid amount.

Go to 'Auction Images - Silent Auction Bid Sheet Templates' for more silent auction bid sheet examples.

TournaKit Pro Silent Auction Bid Sheets

Time To Go Home!

Eliminate Confusion with Line Item Invoices and Receipts

Closing out single or multiple auctions is simple. Your auction buyer wants an invoice. With a click, TournaKit Pro will quickly produce a line item invoice for ALL your auctions.

Invoice Please...

TournaKit Pro Auction Item Buyers Invoices

Thank You Very Much

Here's Your Buyer's Receipt...

TournaKit Pro makes it possible to pay for auction items from multiple auctions and generate an instant line item receipt (market value optional).

TournaKit Pro Auction Item Buyers Receipt

Auction Item Not Present

I Need A Gift Certificate...

Create your very own styled gift certificate with 14 auction item gift certificate templates to choose from. Available in both portrait and landscape formats you can add your organization's logo and border to personalize your own auction item gift certificate.

TournaKit Pro Auction Item Gift Certificate

Auction Item Catalog

56 Auction Item Catalogs Templates To Choose From

In a matter of minutes produced your auction(s) item catalog and group e-mail out a PDF version to everyone in your TournaKit Pro Contact directory. Of course you can print and distribute your auction catalog by mail or have readily available for the day of your event.

TournaKit Pro Auction Item Catalog

Auction Item Donation Form

Donation Forms Increase Efficiency and Revenue

You have 56 Auction Donation Form templates to choose from.

Make it easier on yourself to create complete and descriptive auction item records with help from the auction item donor.

A completed auction donation form will provide current donor contact information, a market value estimate, and good auction item description that can be used to produce essential documents most especially the silent auction bid sheet.

TournaKit Pro Auction Item Donation Form

Auction Reports

Over 80 'All Auctions' and 'Single Auction' Reports

  • Financial & Statistical Summaries Combined and Separate
  • Auction Items & Buyers
  • Auction Donors & Items
  • Auction Items Received
  • Invoice Reports - Summary, Paid, and Unpaid
  • Calcutta Results
  • Calcutta Teams & Buyers
  • Account Manager Reports
    • Buyers & Auction Items
    • Donors & Auction Items
    • Items Received
TournaKit Pro Auction Financial Statistical Summary

Everyone Wants To Know Who Bought What?

By The Auction Item Number...

TournaKit Pro Auction Financial Statistical Summary

It's Over Before You Know It!

Who Has Not Paid?

TournaKit Pro Auction Financial Statistical Summary
  • Unlimited Events
  • Tab Click Access To All Parts of Your Event
  • Event Invoicing and Receipts
  • Mail Merge, Letters, Labels, and Envelops
  • 386 Reports
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